The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS
I want to thank The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS and Renee Phillips for publishing a page in their website dedicated to me and my art. The purpose of The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS is to promote the healing benefits of art.
You can watch the page dedicated to my art at:
The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS
12 Jul 2015

I was selected as a guest artist in an international exhibition in Tuscany
I was just informed that I was selected as a guest artist in a big international exhibition in Tuscany, Italy. The exhibition will be in September 2015 at Castello di Populonia in Baia Baratti. This is an important Archeological Museum in a well visited complex that attracts thousands of visitors.
06 Jul 2015

Love Is Like A Cigarette
"I was painting while listening to K.D Lang's wonderful song "Love Is Like A Cigarette" and I found myself with this unusual (for me) painting. It's a little moody but you can't blame me, I was listning to these words:
"...I never knew the thrill of life Until you touched my lips Then just like a cigarette Love seem to fade away and leave behind ashes of regret..."
What a great song and a wonderful singer!"
30 Jun 2015

I won the 3rd place in an international abstract art competition
I want to thank "Light Space & Time" Gallery and John R. Math for selecting my painting "Orange Hills" for the 3rd place in their "Abstracts 2015" international art competition. The gallery received 760 entries from 23 different countries from around the world. You can watch the competition's result page at:
Abstracts 2015 Art Competition
08 Jun 2015

Manhattan Arts is showcasing my paintings
I want to thank Manhattan Arts International and Renee Phillips for showcasing and promoting my art.
You can watch my showcase page at: Manhattan Arts
01 Jun 2015

Blue Light
"I'm happy to tell you that my painting "Blue Light" was selected for an international exhibition in Paris, FRANCE July 11-21, 2015 at Galerie Artes, located at 11 Rue Frederic Sauton, Paris 75005. I hope to see some of you there."
20 May 2015

The hidden Field
"More than 25 years ago I was traveling with then my girlfriend and now my wife in the United States. We were walking along a little path running through the woods near Lake Tahoe. All we could see were the trees around us and then we saw it – a bright green field. We were amazed by this cultivated field in the middle of a forest. I'm trying to recreate it now on my canvas."
07 May 2015

Orange Hills
"I'm working on a series of five abstract landscape paintings which I will post here. I call the first one "Orange Hills". I hope that you will enjoy it."
01 MAy 2015

"Early this week I was walking in a park near by and the light was perfect so I took some pictures. I made a little acrylic sketch out of one of them. I hope you will enjoy it."
25 April 2015

beautiful View
"I found this beautiful spot in the Carmel Mountains not far from Haifa and I just couldn't help myself and made a few sketches which during the weekend I transformed into this nice little (35X35cm) painting. I hope you will enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed painting it.
20 April 2015

Looking for a name
I just finished this abstract painting that was oredered by a friend of mine. I hope she will like it. I hope you too. I'm still looking for a name for it. Maybe you can help and suggest one
16 April 2015
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